Breast Lift/Reduction Redlands

Breast lift procedures are geared toward women that have lost the perkiness and fullness in their bust and are looking for a change. Whether it’s from significant weight loss, pregnancy, heredity, age and/or gravity — it can be the bearer of unwanted sagginess. Dr. Apodaca and his staff of medical professionals provide a solution to many of those concerns. A breast lift and/or reduction can change your life, improve your figure, and also raise your self-esteem!

Breast Lift At a Glance

Breast Lift/Reduction Redlands


A breast lift a.k.a. mastopexy raises the breasts to where they used to reside, or have never been before! Your areolas and nipples can reach a higher level, point forward (instead of downward) and give you the figure you’ve always desired. Dr. Apodaca’s unique techniques minimize scarring and aim to ensure the best outcome and natural looking results possible.
There are some associated obligations that this procedure entails such as: following the pre and post operative instructions, having realistic expectations, reporting any and all abnormalities to the doctor and/or staff, and having an active role in your at home care.

Breast Lift/Reduction Redlands

Breast Lift/Enhancement Procedures

An attractive bust line is a natural want. But how can you be sure which procedure best fits your needs?

1) Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
2) Breast Augmentation (Implants)
3) Breast Reduction
4) Or all of the above

How do you choose?

Dr. Apodaca will consult with you and help you customize the exact cocktail of procedures to help you get to the closest outcome and picture of yourself that you’ve been hoping for. Not to mention the emotional support and caring staff that will guide you throughout the journey.

Breast Lift/Reduction Redlands

Types of Breast Lifts

There are a few different types of breasts lifts and the one most suitable for you will be discussed after a breast examination by the doctor. Your measurements will be taken and desired goals will be discussed to determine what breast lift procedure is right for you.