Treat Your Sun-Kissed Skin With Professional Spa Services

When the temperature rises, most individuals take the opportunity to wear skin-baring outfits and participate in summertime activities. However, excessive sun exposure and parching weather can take a toll on the skin, leaving it dry, damaged, and dull. Patients who are concerned about their lackluster complexion can benefit from minimally invasive and medical-grade treatments that are designed for their specific needs. Pure Gold Medical Center offers several spa services that can restore the skin to a softer, brighter, and healthier condition.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can smooth fine lines, address acne, and soften the texture of the skin using an acidic solution to dissolve dead skin cells. At Pure Gold Medical Center, patients can choose from the following peels:

  • VI Peel®: This line of peel products are entirely customizable for a range of skin types and aesthetic concerns. Depending on the severity of your condition, one or more products may be recommended to obtain optimal results.
  • Restorative peels: These mid-grade peels revive aged or damaged skin to restore its overall appearance using either Jessner’s peel or TCA. Each treatment is tailored to the patient’s unique objectives. 
  • Pure Gold Exclusive Rejuvenation Peel: This mid-grade peel, created exclusively at Pure Gold Medical Center, delivers consistent rejuvenation results. The formulas may include Jessner’s solution, TCA, or a combination of the two. 
  • Perfect Derma Peel: Patients with compound skin concerns can benefit from the Perfect Derma Peel. With its unique blend of acids and antioxidants, the Perfect Derma Peel treats a range of skin issues virtually anywhere on the body. 

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Treatments

male facial treatment

Patients at Pure Gold Medical Center can maintain their skin’s natural beauty with personalized and regularly scheduled facial treatments. Alpha and beta hydroxy facials are particularly effective in balancing oily skin, smoothing fine lines, and treating acne. This treatment can be used as a standalone service or as a method of preserving the effects of another skin procedure. 


Microdermabrasion involves mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and reveal the brighter surface underneath. It also stimulates the production of rejuvenating collagen, which helps rebuild the structure of the skin. Minimal peeling may occur following treatment, but the results are visible almost immediately. With microdermabrasion, patients will see quick, natural effects and enjoy a youthful aesthetic that lasts. 

To see which spa treatments can help you achieve healthier skin, please schedule your consultation at Pure Gold Medical Center by calling 909-792-9404 today!

How to Treat Male or Female Hair Loss Naturally

female hair loss

Hair loss can affect individuals, both male and female, of varying ages. Typically, this condition begins to develop during the aging process, but some may show signs of balding as early as their 20s. While thinning hair is commonly a cosmetic concern rather than a symptom of a severe medical issue, it can be upsetting and affect how a person feels about their appearance. Several professional treatments and cosmetic procedures, however, can combat hair loss in qualifying patients. Many patients suffering from hair loss can restore a fuller head of hair with hormone therapy and PRP hair rejuvenation.

Benefits of PRP and Hormone Therapy

Some of the main advantages of these treatments are: 

  • Non-surgical hair restoration
  • Minimally invasive approach
  • Natural results
  • Long-lasting effects.

Hormone Therapy

When a patient experiences hair loss as a result of hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy may be an appropriate solution. Hormone therapy using pellets is a quick, safe, and convenient way to introduce higher levels of testosterone into the body gradually. The pellets, which are approximately the size of a grain of rice, are placed under the skin. After implantation, they deliver a consistent dose of hormones into the body. Treatments should be scheduled three to six months apart. 


It can take a few months for the effects of hormone therapy begin to restore fullness to a patient’s hair. Other positive side effects should also develop, such as fewer mood swings, decreased occurrence of hot flashes, improved sleep, and a boosted libido. 

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) contains valuable substances that promote cell regeneration and boost the body’s natural healing properties. During PRP hair restoration, a small amount of blood is obtained from the patient, processed with a centrifuge, and injected into the scalp. Concentrated with growth factors and platelets, PRP can activate dormant hair follicles, stimulating regrowth of thicker and healthier hair. 


With regularly scheduled treatment sessions, patients may begin to see an improvement in hair thickness and density. Depending on how the patient responds to this procedure, results may be maintained long-term with PRP treatments every six months or so.

Am I a Candidate for Hair Restoration?

Every patient’s case and goals are unique, so a hair restoration treatment must be tailored to his or her needs to produce optimal results. Candidacy for PRP or hormone therapy is determined during the initial consultation with Dr. Apodaca after a thorough evaluation of your condition and objectives. The highly experienced staff at Pure Gold Medical Center can assist you throughout your cosmetic journey to ensure you have a satisfactory experience. 

To find out which hair restoration options are ideal for you, please schedule your consultation by contacting Pure Gold Medical Center at 909-792-9404 today!

Treat Vaginal Laxity and Improve Your Sexual Enjoyment With ThermiVa®

happy woman privates

Many women find it difficult to discuss the condition of their intimate areas, especially as it pertains to their sexual wellness. However, it is important to communicate these problems before they take a toll on your quality of life. The sensitive inner and outer tissues of the vagina can change dramatically due to various factors. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause as well as the physical results of vaginal childbirth are common culprits of such concerns. Women who desire vaginal rejuvenation without surgery or downtime may consider treatment with ThermiVa®.

What Is ThermiVa®?

ThermiVa® is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes a combination of controlled radiofrequency (RF) and thermal energy to contract loose tissue. This non-invasive solution also stimulates the body’s production of fresh, healthy collagen, replenishing the treated area naturally. 

What ThermiVa® Can Do for You

Patients can enjoy beautiful results and more enjoyable sexual intercourse in the months following a ThermiVa® session. For patients who qualify for this vaginal rejuvenation treatment, ThermiVa® can do the following: 

  • Tighten the labia or vaginal canal
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Enhance sexual comfort
  • Improve the ability to climax
  • Reduce urinary incontinence

The Procedure

The ThermiVa® wand is inserted into the vagina or placed on the outer tissues to deliver rejuvenating energy to the target area or areas. Each in-office appointment takes approximately 30 minutes, and patients can return to their usual routine immediately afterward. The results are intended to last as long as 12 months, but it is recommended to schedule one to two sessions per year to maintain the effects. 

The Consultation

Any cosmetic treatment must be personalized to reflect the patient’s medical and aesthetic needs to yield an ideal outcome. During your consultation with Dr. Apodaca, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation and thorough discussion about your individual objectives. The staff at Pure Gold Medical Spa has the experience and compassion needed to facilitate a welcoming and comfortable treatment experience from the first appointment to your recovery. 

To learn more about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Apodaca by calling Pure Gold Medical Center at 909-792-9404 today!

What is BOTOX® Cosmetic and How Does It Work?

woman getting injection in forehead


Maintaining a fresh and vibrant aesthetic is important for many adults, both male and female. Aging and other cosmetic issues can be addressed in various ways depending on the outcome a person desires as well as his or her health and lifestyle choices. Surgery may be the appropriate option for patients with extensive facial aging, but there are also non-surgical methods to achieve a youthful appearance. 


The body produces less collagen and loses elasticity over time, compromising the structure of the skin and creating visible signs of aging. Some facial wrinkles form as a result of the skin folding over, but others are caused by repetitive muscle movements that crease the surface in certain areas. BOTOX® Cosmeticremedies this by temporarily halting specific muscle activity, preventing creases from forming. 

The Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic

  • Non-surgical facial rejuvenation
  • Quick and safe treatment
  • Minimal risk of side effects
  • Natural-looking results
  • FDA-approved formula

How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

BOTOX® Cosmetic is composed of botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin that is FDA-approved for effective and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. If you are unhappy with wrinkles between your eyebrows, across your forehead, or around your eyes, you may benefit from this treatment. Rather than restoring volume to recessed or wrinkled areas of the face, this product reduces specific muscle movements responsible for creating unsightly creases. 


The nerves send a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to the region where nerve cells reach the muscle cells, prompting the muscles to contract. When injected by a highly trained and experienced specialist, BOTOX® Cosmetic inhibits the release of acetylcholine, leaving the targeted area relaxed and smooth. 

Results After BOTOX® Cosmetic

woman beautiful skin


There is no significant downtime needed after BOTOX® Cosmetic, so you can resume your daily routine immediately without having to make accommodations to your schedule. It may take between 24 and 48 hours for the effects to become noticeable, at which point you will see a visible improvement in the treated areas. Results are intended to last up to three to six months before needing a follow-up session. 

Other Non-surgical Options

While BOTOX® Cosmetic is an excellent solution for certain facial wrinkles, not all patients are good candidates for this treatment. Men and women with more severe facial creases or those who struggle with signs of aging related to volume loss may consider non-surgical treatment with fillers instead. 


Facial fillers come in a variety of formulas to address different areas of concern, including volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines. The best way to know which type of procedure will give you the results you desire is by scheduling a private consultation with your specialist. During the appointment, you will have the chance to communicate your concerns, and your condition will be thoroughly evaluated. 


If you want to find out if you are a candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic, please call Pure Gold Medical Center at 909-792-9404, and schedule your facial rejuvenation consultation today!

Obtain Natural, Voluptuous Curves With the Brazilian Butt Lift

curvy butt bikini

Aesthetic ideals tend to evolve over time, depending on what is trending and which beautiful celebrities are in the spotlight. In recent years, having round and voluptuous buttocks has become one of the most desirable cosmetic goals. Because not everyone is genetically blessed with a plump and firm derrière, many incorporate vigorous exercises into their schedules to get the curves they desire. Some men and women can achieve a larger, firmer bottom with daily squats and lunges, but these approaches do not always work for all individuals. Others opt for buttock augmentation with solid silicone implants, which are sometimes too noticeable and prominent for a person’s figure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an advanced fat transfer procedure that provides patients with gorgeous and all-natural buttock enhancement while simultaneously eliminating stubborn fat from problem areas. Common donor sites are the abdomen, thighs, back, love handles, and other parts of the body that tend to accumulate unwanted fat. This contouring surgery delivers stunning results to the entire silhouette, giving patients the sensuous curves they desire.

Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Natural enhancement
  • Permanent effects
  • Fat reduction in the donor site
  • Improved shape and contour
  • A safe and quick procedure

fat cells adipose tissueWhat a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Is Like

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed with twilight sedation to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Liposuction is performed to remove excess fatty tissue from a designated donor site. The collected fat is then purified to remove debris and excess fluid, and it is injected into the buttocks in layers to create the desired shape and size gradually. Approximately 50 to 70 percent of the injected fat cells permanently graft to the treated area. Those who select this method of buttock augmentation can return home the same day of their surgery.

Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Patients who undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure typically experience some swelling and bruising, but these side effects should diminish considerably within two weeks. Wearing a compression garment for six to eight weeks can help minimize discomfort, improve blood flow, and support the buttocks as it heals. In order for the fat to graft successfully, sitting and putting direct pressure on the buttocks must be avoided until cleared by the surgeon.

Other Uses for Unwanted Fat

Aging often results in facial volume loss, creating hollowed areas and deep creases. Fat transfer is excellent not only for augmenting and reshaping the buttocks but also for providing patients with optimal facial rejuvenation. Patients with moderate-to-severe folds or sunken features who want a natural and long-lasting alternative to synthetic dermal fillers may consider fat transfer to the face to reach their aesthetic goals.


To schedule your private Brazilian Butt Lift or facial rejuvenation consultation, contact Pure Gold Medical Center by calling 909-792-9404 today!

Contour Your Figure With Innovative Cold Treatments

sculpted man and woman


Most men and women work hard to achieve a sculpted and fit physique, especially one they can flaunt during the warmer summer months. Dedicated diet and exercise can help shed some body fat, but it is impossible to target stubborn pockets of fat with traditional approaches. The go-to procedure for addressing unwanted fat used to be liposuction, a surgical fat removal procedure that involves suctioning fatty tissue from designated areas using a thin, hollow cannula. While surgery can be effective, it is not the ideal solution for everyone. Fortunately, people now have other options that are less invasive with little to no downtime.

Drawbacks of Surgery

For many individuals, the idea of undergoing a cosmetic procedure can be daunting due to the risks, discomfort, and downtime associated with surgery. Others do not qualify for elective surgery due to specific health conditions that put them at a higher risk of experiencing complications. Due to recent advancements in aesthetic medicine, however, patients now have a range of minimally invasive treatment options that produce stunning results with fewer risks. Those who seek a slimmer, more chiseled figure can choose from multiple body contouring methods that can help them reach their goals without invasive surgery.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Treatments

  • Reduced risk of side effects
  • No lengthy recovery needed
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Virtually scarless results

Advanced Contouring Options

woman fat reduction


Pure Gold Medical Center offers revolutionary contouring treatment with J-Plasma® Renuvion™ and CoolSculpting®, two of the most modern devices on the market that uses cooling technology. The most appropriate choice for you will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to: the desired extent of correction, the number of treatment areas, and the patient’s unique cosmetic objectives.

J-Plasma® Renuvion™

J-Plasma® Renuvion™ utilizes a combination of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) and radiofrequency (RF) energy to provide precise and customized sculpting results. The device can be applied to the surface of the skin for tightening effects or subdermally to dissolve fat and stimulate youthful collagen production. Unlike other approaches to body contouring, this treatment promotes skin contraction to address laxity and boost definition in the treated area.


Target areas:


  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Neck area


CoolSculpting® is an innovative, FDA-approved fat reduction treatment that delivers intense cooling to specific areas, destroying the fat cells in approximately one hour or less. CoolSculpting® is so comfortable that patients usually read, check emails, or play games while the device works. In the weeks following the procedure, the body gradually metabolizes the disrupted cells, revealing a slender, defined contour.


Target areas:


  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Chin

Which Treatment Do I Need?

All patients have different needs, so the type of treatment that will work best for you must be determined at a private consultation with an experienced physician. During the appointment, your anatomy, goals, and concerns will be evaluated to devise your customized treatment plan. Dr. Apodaca and his compassionate staff of specialists are dedicated to giving patients the most comfortable experience possible.


For more information about our modern body contouring treatments, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Apodaca at Pure Gold Medical Center by calling 909-792-9404 today!

Facial Rejuvenation

It may seem like there is a new facial treatment announced every week, so it’s understandable to lose track of which one does what. Sometimes it can be difficult deciding what to choose as there can be more than one kind of facial available to tackle certain aesthetic issues. And while the newest facial available might sound exciting, and possibly perfect for you, you might find better luck with something that treats other issues as well.

Woman With Face Mask

Stop trying to figure out if you are right for a particular facial, instead see which facial is best suited for you.

It Starts With You

Before any treatment is suggested, a good physician will always interview you first. You may answer questions relating to your specific aesthetic goals, your medical history, and your lifestyle. This is done to ensure that you are not only paired with the right treatment, but that you also see the best possible results.

So let’s break down some of the major facials by what aesthetic concerns they aim to correct.

Facials for Wrinkles

  • Laser Rejuvenation Peels: Sciton MicroLaserPeel™ is a popular method of targeting wrinkles. Sciton MicroLaserPeel™ removes the top layers of skin in the treated area to create healthy new skin.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: If you’re only concerned with fine lines, this is a great option with little downtime (a few hours at most). Using BroadBand Light (BBL™), photodynamic therapy uses a low-intensity light to activate a special medication that’s applied to the skin.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Okay, this isn’t a facial, sure. However, there’s no denying how effective and trusted this product is. This non-surgical treatment uses advanced medication injected into facial muscles to help them relax and, in turn, make those pesky wrinkles disappear. Results don’t last forever, but with a 10-minute procedure, getting another set of injections can be accomplished during your lunch hour.

Woman Getting Facial

Facials for Volume

  • Fat Transfer to the Face: If you’re not fond of injecting any chemicals into your body, you’re in luck. After removing fat from the lower part of the body using liposuction, it is then injected into facial muscles.
  • Facial Fillers: Perfect for those with smoker’s lines, smile lines, or those who want to add plumpness to their lips, JUVÉDERM® XC is a highly trusted option. This FDA-approved injectable gel can be used on any part of the face.
  • Y-Lift: A quick procedure that requires a titanium instrument inserted under the skin to maneuver facial muscles and facial fat to a more contoured shape. Once in place, facial fillers are used to hold everything in place. After the filler takes hold, the titanium instrument is taken out.

Facials for Sun Damage & Pigmentation

  • Photodynamic Therapy: Specifically designed to address sun-damaged skin and even eliminate pre-cancerous zones, BBL™ is a highly effective treatment option.

Facials for Tighter & Smoother Skin

  • PRP Facial Rejuvenation: Using platelet rich plasma (PRP) that’s separated from your own blood (you read that right), it is injected into the face to stimulate the development of new collagen and can restore damaged tissue. PRP has a multitude of benefits, including hair rejuvenation.

Pretty Woman With Hand On Face

Which Facial Is Right for You?

It’s time to speak with your trusted doctor about the options available to you. Remember that even though you may feel like you know exactly which treatment is right for you, it is ultimately a decision that should be made together between you and your doctor. It may be best to combine more than one treatment to achieve greater results in a shorter amount of time.

If you would like to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Apodaca, feel free to contact us at Pure Gold Medical Center by calling 909-792-9404 today!

Hormone Balancing

Diet and exercise play a vital part in shaping how we look and feel, but as we age, our bodies don’t produce the same amount of hormones as they used to. This affects everyone differently, so there is no blanket treatment option available.

Older Woman Hiking

Hormone Deficiencies: How Did We Get Here?

Remember when you could easily enjoy a full night’s sleep? Or when going to the gym made your mood better? That’s because your body’s hormone levels were balanced. As we enter our midlife years, these levels begin to fluctuate even before menopause occurs. These reduced levels of hormones can result in hot flashes, cause your skin to dry, lower libido, and also cause some individuals to experience depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

So how can we do something about the gifts of getting older? There are many treatment options available for both men and women. Some of the most trusted and effective solutions are relatively easy, including testosterone supplementation in the form of pellets, topical gel, lozenges, and injections.

For some, especially athletic people, hormone levels can become unbalanced at a much younger age than expected. Some patients have experienced hormone imbalance due to over-exercising, high sugar and refined carb intake, overeating, undereating, or lack of sleep.

Testosterone for Women

Yes, women need testosterone too! Did you know that on average a woman’s testosterone level peaks in her 20s? By the time she has reached menopause, testosterone levels are half of what they once were. However, your body will still produce testosterone, even at reduced levels, after the body no longer produces estrogen.

Testosterone pellets are a popular method of helping women maintain proper levels of testosterone with a constant regulated release into the body. This is achieved by placing the testosterone pellet under the skin of the patient, which will continue to remain there until it has dissolved completely into the body. There are many benefits of hormone therapy, including improved mood and healthier skin and hair.

Testosterone for Men

Testosterone pellets are highly effective for men, more so than creams, lozenges, or injections. This is because only testosterone pellets can provide a steady flow of testosterone administered into the body (if you skip an injection appointment or forget to take a lozenge, fluctuations in hormone levels start to happen).

Older Man Celebrating in Office

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

The pellet insertion procedure is quick and straightforward. There are many benefits of hormone therapy, including improved mood and healthier skin and hair. Plus, you only have to set up an appointment for additional pellets after the ones in your body have worn off, which is usually only every six months.

Older Woman Smiling With Hands Under Face

One of the significant benefits of hormone therapy is that the hormones found inside the pellets are bioidentical, so your body won’t be able to tell the difference between your natural hormones or the bioidentical hormones introduced into your body via pellets.

Two Older People High Fiving

Life With Hormone Therapy

Of course, just because you have hormone pellets inserted into your body, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to neglect all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a regular exercise routine and a nutritious diet is very important to ensure you continue keeping your hormones in perfect balance.

There are plenty of ways to help balance hormones, and when combined with hormone therapy, it can improve your results. Make sure you are eating at least 20 grams of protein with every meal. Protein helps suppress your appetite, which leaves you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Avoid refined sugar, such as high-fructose corn syrup. Keep your stress level managed by doing yoga or meditation, preferably 15 minutes each day. Green tea is great as it helps lower insulin levels (not the Arizona Green Tea as it is full of that pesky high-fructose corn syrup).

Another great food option is any fish with omega-3 fatty acids, such as albacore, salmon, trout, sardines, herring, and mackerel. Pair these dishes with a high-fiber side like sweet potatoes, quinoa, lentils, brussels sprouts, or any other food rich in fiber, and your hormones will definitely thank you.

If you are interested in learning more about how hormone therapy can help you, please schedule your initial consultation by calling Pure Gold Medical Center at 909-792-9404 today!

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment that can alleviate many different problems in both men and women. In the past, hormone therapy was a treatment that was widely associated with menopausal symptoms, but did you know that it’s been proven to treat everything from hot flashes to overall wellness and improved mood? For those who are trying to fight hormone deficiencies, Pure Gold Medical offers hormone pellet therapy, which improves sleep and increases bone density and muscle mass! It’s a quick procedure that is practically pain free.

How Do I Know if I Am a Candidate for Hormone Therapy?

It’s most important to always talk through your symptoms by scheduling a consultation with a trusted doctor, like Dr. Apodaca. In some instances, your doctor may recommend other treatments like lifestyle changes, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, or additional suggestions. With that said, your doctor may consider you a candidate for hormone therapy if you have a family history of osteoporosis or colon cancer, you have tried to relieve your symptoms with other treatments or strategies, or if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems
  • Painful intercourse
  • Early menopause before age 40

What Symptoms Can Hormone Therapy Help With?

Hormone therapy can help alleviate many symptoms, including:

  • Depression
  • Low sexual desire
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain

Hormone therapy can actually work wonders on your self-esteem (improved mood) and aesthetic (healthier hair)! Over-processing your hair with treatments is a very common cause of hair loss and breakage in women. Even thyroid deficiency or excess can cause hair to become finer, resulting in a loss of body, wave, and shine. With testosterone therapy, the skin and scalp become healthier within weeks and new hair growth is noticeable within one month.

Additional Options to Combat Aging

Other options offered at Pure Gold Medical include Cortef® tablets if your body has a deficiency in hydrocortisone. The adrenal gland naturally produces hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone combats arthritis, blood/hormone/immune system disorders, skin and eye conditions, breathing problems, cancer, and severe allergies. Additional services include testosterone pellets and the thyroid therapy. We take a holistic approach to understanding the root causes of your symptoms and can guide you through the appropriate steps to regain your confidence again.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for hormone therapy please feel free to give us a call at (909) 792-9404 or drop by our Pure Gold Medical office at 305 Brookside Ave. Redlands, CA 92373 and speak to one of our friendly staff members. Pure Gold Medical can provide hormone therapy to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and aging.

*Results and experiences may vary and are expected but not guaranteed. Patients must consult with their doctor before starting any treatments.

What is a breast lift procedure?

A breast lift procedure is perfect for women who have lost some or all of the perkiness and fullness in their bust. Various factors are attributed to this, including significant weight loss, pregnancy, or age. For a solution to these concerns, Dr. Apodaca and his staff are here to help. Most patients have found that a breast lift and/or reduction has improved their figures, raised self-esteem and had an overall positive impact on their lives.

There are some cases where a breast lift can not only provide an aesthetic transformation that can increase confidence, but it can also transform your health. In some cases, large breasts (natural and breast implants) are too big which can cause lower back and shoulder pain. A breast lift, also known as mastopexy raises the breasts to where they used to reside or have never been before! Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that raises and firms the breasts. Excess skin is removed to tighten the surrounding tissue and to reshape and support the new breast contour. The internal breast tissue is usually reshaped as well. Your nipples can reach a higher level, point forward (instead of downward) and give you the figure you’ve always desired. Dr. Apodaca’s unique techniques minimize scarring and aim to ensure the best outcome and most natural looking results possible.

What are the different types of breast procedures available to me?

It’s natural to want an attractive bust line, but how do you choose the procedure that best fits your needs? Dr. Apodaca will personally customize a blend of procedures to ensure you get the results you want. Your personalized set of procedures will involve at least one of the following:
1) Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
2) Breast Augmentation (Implants)
3) Breast Reduction
4) Or all of the above
Given the various types of procedures available, Dr. Apodaca will discuss the ones most suitable for you following a breast examination. After your measurements are taken, you will discuss and determine what option is the best one for you.

Breast lift frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I need anesthesia?
• Your surgeon and/or anesthetist will ask you about all the medications you are taking or have taken, and any allergies you may have. Make sure you have an up to date list before the surgery.

What should I do before surgery?
• Before undergoing surgery, it is important that you: Be as fit as possible to help the recovery process reach your optimal weight. Check with your surgeon about your medications as some may need to be stopped. Stop smoking.

Are there any risks involved in a breast lift?
• All surgery involves some risk and uncertainty. Serious complications or side effects of this surgery are rare but our experienced staff at Pure Gold Medical can talk you through the process.

To schedule an appointment and learn about breast lift options call us at (909) 792-9404. We have services that can work within any budget. As always, feel free to give us a call at (909) 792-9404 or drop by our Pure Gold Medical office at 305 Brookside Ave. Redlands, CA 92373 and speak to one of our friendly staff members.