THERMIRF Treatments Redlands

While it can be a topic many women try to avoid, vaginal laxity is nothing to be embarrassed about. The vaginal canal can widen and become weaker as a result of aging, childbirth, and hormonal fluctuations, many of which are natural occurrences in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, these normal changes can have a detrimental effect on your sexual enjoyment, quality of life, and self-esteem. To restore his patients’ intimate areas to a more youthful and functional condition, Dr. Apodaca offers treatment with ThermiVa®. ThermiVa® is a safe, non-surgical solution for vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction that delivers satisfying results quickly. 

Benefits of ThermiVa®

  • Addresses labial laxity
  • Tightens the vaginal canal
  • Increases vaginal moisture
  • Improves comfort before, during, and after sexual intercourse
  • Reduces urinary urges
  • Enhances the ability to orgasm 
  • Painless treatment
  • No downtime

ThermiVa® Treatment

ThermiVa® is a state-of-the-art radiofrequency (RF) treatment designed to tighten the vaginal canal and labia. The RF energy triggers the production of healthy collagen and promotes blood flow to the treated region. This procedure only takes about 30 minutes and can be performed in-office without the use of anesthesia. Patients may not be good candidates for ThermiVa® if they are pregnant or have an infection near the treatment area. 

Recovery and Results After ThermiVa®

ThermiVa® requires no downtime or recovery. Following the procedure, you can go back to all of your daily activities, including work, exercise, and intercourse. A series of three treatments is recommended. However, in most cases, women have reported a noticeable improvement after only one session. Patients can enjoy their results for up to 12 months, and they can opt into a maintenance program of one or two treatments per year if recommended by the doctor.

Alternative Treatments

Sexual health and satisfaction can be related to various conditions. At Pure Gold Medical Center, Dr. Apodaca, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, can review which treatment options will give you the results you desire. Depending on your unique case, you may benefit from the following: 

Hormone balancing

Pellet treatment

Vaginal rejuvenation