Women’s Health Redlands

Women’s Health Redlands

Menopause – Hormone Balancing for Women

Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause and pre-menopause. Hormone fluctuation, diet and lifestyle all play a role in the onset and severity of hot flashes. Meditation, stress reduction, high fiber diets, and testosterone pellet implants can all relieve hot flashes in the majority of women.

Female Testosterone Implant Treatment

Testosterone pellets in women relieve hot flashes, decrease vaginal dryness, increase libido, increase bone density, and relieve depression.

Testosterone pellets deliver testosterone for three to four months on average. Testosterone stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Estrogen pellet and also progesterone in pellet form may be given along with testosterone as a vaginal cream to treat vaginal discomfort. CNP prior to the procedure, if you have a history of heavy menstrual flow, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids or have required a D&C or endometrial ablation in the past.