Pure Gold Medical Center

I am so happy with the results of my recent surgery performed by Dr. Apodaca! I am 58 years old and had a breast augmentation done years ago by another surgeon who has since retired. Even though this past surgeon had done a good job, my implants had since calcified & I now needed to have them redone. I saw an ad advertising Pure Gold Medical Center, and when I saw Dr. Apodaca’s name I instantly became interested in giving his surgery center a call. I knew Dr. Apodaca has over the years developed a great reputation as a doctor. For years I have hear good things about him. I decided to call for a consultation about removing my older implants * replacing them. I made an appointment. Dr. Apodaca & his staff were so nice to my husband & I. Dr. Apodaca spent as much time as we needed to go over any questions we then had. I then made my appointment for surgery. Dr. Apodaca performed an amazing surgery. As we had discussed her removed my old implants, removed old scar tissue, put new implants under my chest muscle and performed a breast lift. His work was exemplary; skillfull in surgery with beautiful results, compassionate, along with his staff, in his care to me and devoted to successful results and healing. I love my new look! My breasts look and feel natural and are more youthful in appearance. Dr. Apodaca and his staff: Darlene, Denise, Cynthia, Marcella, Sally and Monique are awesome! I am so grateful and pleased with my new look and whole heartedly recommend Dr. Apodaca @ Pure Gold Medical Center!
T. R. B
All I could see when I looked in the mirror was my sagging neckline and my face looked old and drawn. The death of my husband four years earlier and the subsequent death of my fiancé two years after that had really taken its toll on my appearance. My self esteem and confidence level were so low. I made a decision to go in for a consultation with Dr. Apodaca to see if he could help me. All I can say is “run don’t walk” to Pure Gold Medical Center if you feel the same way when you look in the mirror each day, you will be amazed with your results. I had the face and neck lift done and it has absolutely changed my life. It looks so completely natural, I just look like a younger version of me, and it has put my confidence level through the roof again. No more turtlenecks and covering up my neck with my hair. It is so wonderful. What I love is that it does not look like a traditional face lift, my face is not pulled tight, no one ever guesses that I had anything done, they just always comment about how great and refreshed I look these days! My recovery was very quick, in fact I attended a business meeting two weeks after my surgery. And now a word about Dr. Apodaca. He is such a wonderful doctor who truly cares about your comfort and well being, he is absolutely one of a kind. He made me feel so calm and relaxed the day of surgery and thoroughly explained everything to me beforehand. He has such a kind and gentle way about him, he is truly the best! I also absolutely love the staff at Pure Gold Medical Center. The office manager Denise and the rest of the girls always make me feel so welcome and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. It sounds corny but they really do make you feel like family when you enter the door. So thank you Dr. Apodaca and everyone at Pure Gold Medical from the bottom of my heart for bringing such joy and confidence back to my life.
Patty Geissinger
“OMG… I am thrilled! Dr. A and staff produced a soft, natural, healthy, rejuvenated look! He looked at pictures of me when I was younger… I look like ME!!! And not an over done, too young me… a more rested, youthful, healthy ME! I couldn’t be happier and ABSOLUTELY no regrets!…Pure Gold is the place you want to call. Dr. Apodaca is the one!”
Mary Newton