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Darlene Apodaca

Darlene Apodaca, LVN

Darlene Apodaca has been in the nursing field since 1971 and possesses extensive OB/GYN knowledge and Medical Cosmetic experience. She received her LVN in 1973 from East Los Angeles College and successfully worked in the OB/GYN field for 14 years. She’s assisted Dr. Apodaca in the Medical Cosmetic industry for over the last decade. Darlene is a dedicated, well rounded provider and patient advocate. She is expertly versatile when it comes to the day to day office operations. Her duties include, but are not limited to: acting as the main circulating nurse in the OR, assisting the doctor in all non-invasive procedures as well as finding the time to assist in covering the front desk when needed.
Darlene has a loving and nurturing mannerism which radiates throughout the practice. Her caring nature definitely comes across to the patients. She truly creates an inviting, tranquil environment on a daily basis.