Feeling “Normal” With Pellet Hormone Therapy

The effects of aging can be felt in many different ways. Some men and women experience wrinkles, volume loss, or other aesthetic concerns. Others experience weight gain (or loss) and reduced energy. And you may find yourself just feeling a little “blah,” not really like you used to. That could be the hormones. Age, pregnancy, environmental factors, and other lifestyle habits or underlying medical conditions can cause a hormone imbalance in your body. This can happen in both men and women for various reasons.

If you’re tired (literally) of not feeling like yourself, then pellet hormone therapy can help! At Pure Gold Medical Center, we offer hormone therapy to balance you back out and help make you feel “normal” again.

What Can Pellet Hormone Therapy Help With?

Hormone balancing can alleviate many symptoms like depression, anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, and even decreased sexual desire. This treatment is suitable for men and women and helps with mental and physical health. Pellets are known to prevent chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, which are associated with low testosterone levels.

What Are Pellets?

Hormone pellets (or implants) are FDA-approved and made up of testosterone hormones that are pressed into very small solid cylinders. These pellets are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a Tic Tac® and are most commonly inserted into the area near the hips using a small incision. Patients may notice redness, bruising, and swelling that may last about three to four days and tenderness that may last up to two weeks. Applying ice for one to two hours may reduce swelling. All side effects will dissipate over time.

What to Expect After My Treatment?

After your pellet has been inserted into your body, you will begin to feel the balancing effects within a few days. It is important that you follow all aftercare instructions given to you by our experienced professionals at Pure Gold Medical Center. Rigorous activity should be postponed for 48 hours, and keeping the incision clean and dry for the first two days is imperative. A few weeks after the pellet has been able to settle into place, you may feel an improvement in your mood, your immune system, and your memory. Pellet hormone therapy has been known to provide relief for night sweats, irritability, vaginal dryness, joint and muscular pain, decreased sex drive, depression, anxiety, and more. Your hormone pellet will dissolve naturally in your body after about three to four months. Afterwhich, you will need to have another pellet placed to maintain your desired results.

If you feel like there isn’t a way to get you back to “normal,” then reach out and schedule your consultation. Our professionals will discuss your options with you and go over any symptoms you have been noticing to determine the best course of action for you and your health at this time.


For more information about Pellet Hormone Therapy, please schedule your consultation at Pure Gold Medical Center by calling 909-792-9404 today!