Christie J.

DO NOT GO HERE! I had a breast augmentation done and I look terrible. This doctor has a hard time relating to his patients and comprehending their desired result. Now my implants are two different sizes ( by a whole cup size) making it impossible to wear a regular bra, and who wants to walk around with such an obvious disfigurement!
The right side is much higher than the left ( by two inches) so forget wearing anything strapless! And the shape is ridiculous, they are narrow and too much projection! Who does that do someone?
Lets talk about the treatment room, DIRTY! The blanket they have you lay on had marks from the previous patients on it. So if they are not changing that then what else are they not changing?
And if you try to address any of your concerns, Dr. Apodaca will deny anything is wrong and act like he has no idea what your talking about. The proof is right in front of you! Your a neglectful, unskilled surgeon!