Josh G.

I did much consultation before settling on Pure Gold Medical Center. The pricing was fair and reasonable for the work performed. After losing over 100 pounds I elected to have some reconstruction done with a few areas of the body (abdominal, glutes, face). The staff was very kind and helpful with my procedures. I felt comfortable with their knowledge and have been there for all three procedures. The work done was performed in a very sterile and clean environment. The staff was quite knowledgeable and have always made me feel like family. After my first two procedures, I came in with concerns. However, he assured me it needed more time to heal and had recommendations for how to help it heal better and faster. With his recommendations and most importantly, time, my body healed just as he assured me it would. One of the greatest lessons of the process is that while most swelling and healing will take weeks, there might still be areas that take a few months before the desired results reveal themselves. I learned this with my first two procedures. My scarring is minimal, thin, and faint. I get compliments now on the areas that were operated on. I went back to have the lower part of my face tightened up months later. This was yet another successful experience. I did notice a part of the face that had a small raised pocket near the jaw line and brought it up during my last appointment a week ago. When I went for my followup last week, again, the doctor acknowledged my feelings, told me it was uncommon for people to have that bump, but it wasn’t unheard of. He offered me a technique to help speed the healing. I am a week after the appointment and have seen improvement in the area with the massaging techniques he prescribed. I am confident that it will resolve itself or if it needs a little more attention, Dr. Apodaca will be right there for me because that has been my experience ever since I met him. He is a perfectionist. He will not settle for anything less. I am only a month out and he shared that some areas can take up to three months or more to heal. After learning this to be true with the other work he has done on my body, I trust him wholeheartedly. I follow every instruction exactly as given, I have had every concern acknowledged, addressed, and after a few months, the healing has proven to reveal amazingly wonderful results every time! All in all, my experience here has been a class act from my consultation, to my surgeries, and follow-ups. Thank you for helping me reclaim my body and making every part that I was self-conscious about look so great!