Additional Information

BOTOX® Cosmetic is contraindicated in the presence of infection at the proposed injection site(s) and in individuals with known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and frequency of administration of BOTOX® Cosmetic. Patients with neuromuscular disorders may be at increased risk of clinically significant systemic effects including severe dysphagia and respiratory compromise from typical doses of BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic for cosmetic purposes may result in the formation of antibodies that may reduce the effectiveness of subsequent treatments with BOTOX® Cosmetic for glabellar lines or other indications. However rare, the potential for antibody formation may be minimized by injecting with the lowest effective dose given with the longest feasible intervals between injections.

Will BOTOX Cosmetic erase all wrinkles?

No. BOTOX Cosmetic is ideal for erasing wrinkles that result from muscle contractions. Crows’ feet and frown lines are the best examples. Wrinkles in other areas, such as the cheeks, are better suited for chemical peels and fillers.

Will I lose normal facial expression?

No. BOTOX Cosmetic will make you look young and fresh, not frozen. Botex will relax the muscles that produce frown lines, but it will not impair your facial expressions.

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic expensive?

When considering your facial aesthetic options, you’ll find that BOTOX® Cosmetic is quite affordable. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s 2000 survey, BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the least expensive facial aesthetic procedures, ranking 7th in the 9 most widely-used procedures in the United States. Like other appearance-related investments, such as hair coloring and cuts, teeth whitening, and chemical peels, the cost must be weighed relative to your expectations. Pricing will be discussed during individual consultation. Injections are customized to individual patient needs and concerns and thus prices may vary between patients.

Are BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments painful?

Discomfort is minimal and brief. Your physician may choose to use a local anesthetic cream or ice to minimize this. Once the injection is complete, there is usually no discomfort.

What exactly is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a natural, purified protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Very low doses of BOTOX® Cosmetic are administered via a few tiny injections directly into the overactive muscles that cause lines to form. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the injected muscles. The effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic are usually confined to the injected region; it does not travel throughout the body.

Who is a good candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Any woman or man who is concerned about the appearance of their frown lines can consider BOTOX® Cosmetic. Treatment can be used by people from ages 18 to 65. Our physicians can help you decide if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you.

What can I expect from BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment?

Your doctor will determine exactly where to administer several tiny injections to achieve the best results. No anesthesia is required, although some doctors may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. Discomfort is minimal and brief—most patients compare the sensation to a bug bite. It is unlikely you will develop significant side effects, although some people may develop slight temporary bruising at the injection site, which can easily be covered by makeup. You may resume normal activity immediately. Within days, you’ll see a marked improvement, which should last up to four months.