Is CoolAdvantage Platinum Plus Better than CoolSculpting?

Pure Gold Medical Center exclusively offers the CoolAdvantage Platinum Plus treatment. There are a number of establishments that offer CoolSculpting in Southern California, however, they might not have the latest applicators, techniques, training and additional post treatments needed to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Apodaca meticulously researches cutting edge technology to ensure his patients are receiving the best treatments and care. That’s why he offers the new CoolAdvantage applicators paired with a complimentary Slimspec treatment instead of the traditional post treatment massage technique.

How is CoolAdvantage different from CoolSculpting?

Traditional CoolSculpting applicators cover standard-sized treatment areas and take about an hour per treatment. CoolAdvantage takes about half the time (35 minutes) and covers a larger surface area resulting in less discomfort and less bruising due to the new applicator design.

Now, more surface area can be covered in a shorter amount of time. Discomfort and/or bruising is minimal to non-existent!

How does it work?

CoolAdvantage is a non-surgical treatment that destroys fat cells in stubborn areas that diet and exercise can’t. The fat targeted is underneath the skin and above the muscle (pockets of pinchable fat). With 0 downtime and only 35 minutes per treatment, this fat reduction treatment is a no-brainer! The treatment cools down your fat cells to -10° Celsius causing a natural cell death (cryolipolysis). The surrounding tissues will not be harmed in this process.

What is a post treatment massage, and how is Slimspec more effective?

Typically, a vigorous post treatment massage is performed to break down the treated fat cells, and recent work has shown that it increases the amount of fat that disappears. Many patients have reported discomfort during the post massage, and the results are dependent on the physical strength of the technician performing it.

Slimspec is a treatment specifically designed for body smoothing and firming based on Acoustic Radial Waves Therapy (ARWT). Metabolic activity is increased in the treated area making the body respond to the radial wave. The wave reduces the tissue oedema making it more permeable so the fluid and toxins retained within the fat cells release and drain through the lymphatic system with ease. The treatment stays consistent through the entire procedure ensuring dependable results. Slimspec is also much more comfortable than a post treatment massage, takes less time and increases fat reduction.

Does Platinum Plus mean the cost is higher?

No! The CoolAdvantage Platinum Plus procedure does not have a ridiculous ticket price. A complimentary consultation is required before treatment. Some patients even choose to start treatment the same day as their consultation, if the schedule permits. Financing is also available in the office, or you can sign up online. Slimming down has never been easier …

Treatment Areas Include:

  • Stomach/Abdomen
  • Love Handles/Flanks
  • Under the Neck (Double Chin)
  • Bra Area
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Banana Rolls (pockets of fat underneath buttock crease)

If you are concerned about pockets of stubborn fat that diet and exercise haven’t addressed, then CoolAdvantage Platinum Plus could be the right choice for you!
Reach out to the professional staff at Pure Gold Medical by calling (909) 792-9404 to get the process started.

*Results and patient experience may vary