Neck Lift

Wrinkles and skin laxity develop as a result of the natural aging process and can appear nearly anywhere on the body. Like the face, the neck is one of the first features that show signs of aging. As the skin loses elasticity, men and women commonly lose jawline definition and accumulate stubborn pockets of fat that compromise their appearance. Neck lift surgery restores the neck to a more youthful condition by removing excess tissue and tightening the remaining skin.

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

Candidates for neck lift surgery must be healthy non-smokers who have a realistic expectation of the procedure.

This procedure is designed to address the following concerns in the neck area:

  • Turkey neck
  • Fatty jowls
  • Vertical bands
  • Horizontal creases

The Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed with general anesthesia to ensure optimal patient safety and comfort. Incisions are created behind the ears, through which excess tissue is removed. Some patients can achieve the best results with a secondary incision under the chin. Depending on the desired extent of correction, the platysma muscles may be tightened to form a slender contour.


Most patients who want to rejuvenate the neck area also struggle with noticeable facial aging. Neck lift surgery can be combined with any of the following:

Recovery After Neck Lift Surgery

The length of your recovery after neck lift surgery depends on the number of techniques used during the procedure as well as your individual healing speed. Bruising, tightness, pain, and changes in sensation will likely occur, but these side effects are normally temporary. Prescription pain medication can be taken to manage any discomfort. Dr. Apodaca will provide you with detailed aftercare directions that specify physical limitations tailored to your unique procedure.

Neck Lift Surgery Results

The outcome of a neck lift procedure is designed to be long-lasting, especially for patients who lead a healthy lifestyle. Using proper year-round sun protection, avoiding tobacco use, and consistently consuming a balanced diet can help you maintain your results for many years.